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ALSA Conference

ALSA Conference is an annual event organized by a selected National Chapter and attended by representatives from all National Chapters under the ALSA International. The purpose of the ALSA Conference is to present each National Chapters’ culture and get to know more about the laws of each National Chapters. This event expects ALSA members to establish a relationship that represents both countries and within each member personally. 

ALSA Forum

ALSA Forum is an annual event organized by a selected National Chapter and attended by representatives from all National Chapters under the ALSA International. ALSA Forum aims to unite National Chapters in the form of activities in both academic and non-academic fields. The academic activities are carried out in the form of discussions related to the event’s theme to improve the participants’ knowledge and academic ability. Whereas the non-academic activities are held in the form of ALSA annual general meeting or General Assembly, Governing Council Meeting, and International Board election. Activities carried out during the ALSA Forum marks the beginning of the ALSA academic calendar.

ALSA International Moot Court Competition

The ALSA International Moot Court Competition (“AIMCC”) simulates international investment dispute resolution arbitration. In this competition, the participants are expected to develop their knowledge and analytical skills in the field of law. The participants are also given a chance to learn the emerging legal issues both in Indonesia and the international world.

ALSA International Legal Training and Workshop

ALSA International Legal Training & Workshop (“AILTW”) is an annual event organized by ALSA International and attended by representatives of National Chapters under the ALSA International. This activity aims to develop the legal skills and knowledge of ALSA members, especially the participants. ALSA hopes participants can improve their relationships with other members both nationally and internationally.

ALSA International Mediation Competition

The ALSA International Mediation Competition (“AIMC”) is a competition aimed at promoting the practice of mediation to young professionals. As a means of education, AIMC prioritizes the effective use of mediation in the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge between participants from different countries, cultures, generations, and backgrounds behind. The focus of AIMC is to effectively combine the use of mediators and collaborative problem-solving skills to be successfully present the interests of the parties towards a resolution.

Study Trip

Study Trip is an annual event organized by ALSA International which aims to increase ALSA members’ academic knowledge and enable them to know the culture and diversity of the legal system in the destination country. These activities include academic programs and cultural night. In addition, the Study Trip also provides opportunities for ALSA members to establish connections and improve relations between ALSA members, both nationally and internationally.