ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia


ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia or known as ALSA LC UI is a part of ALSA National Chapter Indonesia and one of ALSA’s founding members in 1989, when it was first established and called ASEAN Law Students’ Association. Ever since the 2002 Tokyo Agreement, the ASEAN Law Students’ Association has changed to Asian Law Students’ Association with the purpose to connect and bind Asian law students with the goals and pillars of ALSA.

ALSA LC UI is one of the 14 Local Chapters of ALSA Indonesia located at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. In 2014, ALSA LC UI was appointed as the secretariat of ALSA International. ALSA LC UI’s goals are to help its members establish traits that are mirrored in ALSA’s pillars, which are internationally minded, socially responsible, academically committed, and legally skilled.


  • ALSA LC UI as a place for proactive and collaborative member development.​


  • Optimize the implementation of work programs;
  • Improve relations between fellow members and external parties;​ and
  • Create a constructive organizational environment.

Board of Directors


Responsible for the administrative of the ALSA LC UI's secretariat​


Responsible for financial administration and treasury of ALSA LC UI


Responsible for ALSA LC UI’s income

Staff of Finance

1. Mussyhafa Al-Islami

Mussyhafa Al-Islami

2. Carissa Natalie

Carissa Natalie

3. Ghifar Fadillah

Ghifar Fadillah

4. Kemal Qays Sultan

Kemal Qays Sultan

5. Nir

Syamsanira Haidar

6. Syadza Alaia

Syadza Alaia

7. Trissya Nove

Trissya Nove

8. Yumna Laksmita Hanun

Yumna Laksmita Hanun


Zakiyah Rasuna Nadia

Internal Affairs

Responsible for ALSA LC UI’s affairs internally

Staff of Internal Affairs

1. Amanda Ifthia Wijarnoko

Amanda Ifthia Wijarnoko

2. Andrea Tatya Putri

Andrea Tatya Putri

3. Annisa Mutia Safitri

Annisa Mutia Safitri

4. Demi Narendra

Demi Narendra

5. Dionisius Oktrivan Welle

Dionisius Oktrivan Welle

6. Inigo Raykaia Pramuditya

Inigo Raykaia Pramuditya

7. Maria Jasmine Putri S

Maria Jasmine Putri S.

8. Syifa Andira Maharani

Syifa Andira Maharani

External Affairs

Responsible for ALSA LC UI’s affairs externally

Staff of External Affairs

1. Adam Rahmansyah

Adam Rahmansyah

2. Alvaro Ahmad Faraji

Alvaro Ahmad Faraji

3. Arquelino Di Marzo T

Arqueliano Di Marzo T.

4. Ashadi Indrahadi

Ashadi Indrahadi

5. Azaria Rahma Hasnah

Azaria Rahma Hasnah

6. Berlian Sebening Embun

Berlian Sebening Embun

7. Nandisha Vikalia

Nandisha Vikalia

8. Shakina Hainum Nugroho

Shakina Hainum Nugroho

9. Valeri Louise Joanne S

Valeri Louise Joanne S.

10. Zebrine Marthamevia

Zebrine Marthamevia

English Development

Responsible for improving English skills

Staff of English Development

1. Andrea Putri Basuki

Andrea Putri Basuki

2. Angeline Emily

Angeline Emily

3. Athifa Aurelia

Athifa Aurelia

4. Edmond Wangtri Putri

Edmond Wangtri Putra

5. Elvara Sazky Ubayid

Elvara Sazky Ubayid

6. Felicia Fubert

Felicia Fubert

7. I Putu Dewa Rangga P

I Putu Dewa Rangga P.

8. Jhona Nikson

Jhona Nikson

9. Mayta Ciara

Mayta Ciara

10. Sherilyn Gaby Alicya S

Sherilyn Gaby Alicya S.

11. Ziva Gentasangkara

Ziva Gentasangkara

Legal Research and Development

Responsible for improving the legal skills and legal knowledge

Staff of Legal Research and Development

1. Anggun Safira

Anggun Safira

2. Arya Irfan Sasongko

Arya Irfan Sasongko

3. Ayesha Nurlatifa Arsaputri

Ayesha Nurlatifa Arsaputri

4. Chiara Naswa

Chiara Naswa

5. Claudia Georgette Melik

Claudia Georgette Melik

6. Eileen Monica

Eileen Monica

7. Fidelis Parmonang

Fidelis Parmonang

8. Ghani Maeda Yuhandri

Ghani Maeda Yuhandri

9. Jeremy Pierre Matea

Jeremy Pierre Matea

10. Najmah Shabira

Najmah Shabira

11. Nicolas Nathaniel Kosasih

Nicolas Nathaniel Kosasih

12. Rafi Wiraseno

Rafi Wiraseno

13. Rasha Nareswari

Rasha Nareswari

14. Rayhan Rajendra Irawan

Rayhan Rajendra Irawan

15. Zefanya Christie

Zefanya Christie

Organization and People Development

Responsible for building the relationship between the members and improving the soft skills

Staff of Organization and People Development

1. Afifah Alzena

Afifah Alzena

2. Candely Ruth

Candely Ruth

3. Gabrielle Amanda Putra

Gabrielle Amanda Putra

4. NI Luh Putu Diah Regina Putri

NI Luh Putu Diah Regina Putri

5. Raymond H. P. Hutapea

Raymond H. P. Hutapea

6. Riela Didi Putri

Riela Didi Putri

7. Rifqi Dhuha

Rifqi Dhuha

8. Samuel Baringin Gilbert

Samuel Baringin Gilbert

9. Syifa Salsabila

Syifa Salsabila

Internal Public Relations

Responsible for conveying information and maintaining relations within FH UI

Staff of Internal Public Relations

1. Clarissa Florence Aolani

Clarissa Florence Aolani

2. Davina Adinda_

Davina Adinda

3. Davina Azzahra Aldien_

Davina Azzahra Aldien

4. Fatima Jemila Haiqa

Fatima Jemila Haiqa

5. Lusiana Annajwa

Lusiana Annajwa

6. Muhammad Haykal Mulyaharja

Muhammad Haykal Mulyaharja

7. Muhammad Julio Hibatul Wafi

Muhammad Julio Hibatul Wafi

8. Venitta Yuubina

Venitta Yuubina

9. Victoria Eunice Satumalay

Victoria Eunice Satumalay

External Public Relations

Responsible for conveying information to general public

Staff of External Public Relations

1. Alexzandra Novena L

Alexzandra Novena L.

2. Amanda Putri Janitra

Amanda Putri Janitra

3. Bernadeth Trinita Laurencia

Bernadeth Trinita Laurencia

4. Hanna Hafizha_

Hanna Hafizha

5. Hasianna Amoretta

Hasianna Amoretta

6. Indira Maharani

Indira Maharani

7. Laurentius Joshua Satrio

Laurentius Joshua Satrio

8. Maria Gabriela Nauli

Maria Gabriela Nauli

9. Ryan Armandha

Ryan Armandha

Alumni Relations

Responsible for conducting and maintaining relationships with the alumni of ALSA LC UI

Staff of Alumni Relations

1. Amanda Aurelia

Amanda Aurelia

2. Anindya Priyandini

Anindya Priyandini

3. Audric Marasi Situmorang

Audric Marasi Situmorang

4. Cut Chairunnissa

Cut Chairunnissa

5. Geraldnov Oscar

Geraldnov Oscar

6. Muhammad Fakhri Muzaffar Abrar

Muhammad Fakhri Muzaffar Abrar

7. Nathalie Grace Celine

Nathalie Grace Celine

8. Qatrunada Quarta Hoepoedio

Qatrunada Quarta Hoepoedio

9. Rasha Nazifa Muhtar

Rasha Nazifa Muhtar