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Work Programs


Design Competition is a competition held by the Finance Division of ALSA LC UI, where all the divisions will be competing with each other on who can design the official merchandise of ALSA LC UI best.

Internal Affairs

Accordion Content

Rapat Kerja ALSA LC UI is an event held by the Internal Affairs division of ALSA LC UI. In this event, every division will be presenting about their work programs. Also, the new local board will be introduced to ALSA LC UI’s vision and missions, cultures, and more.

External Affairs

ALSA Local Chapter is one of the many programs held by External Affairs division of ALSA LC UI. The agenda for the visit includes public lecture and city trips, which both serve the purpose of sharing information, increasing knowledge, and further tightening the bond between ALSA LC UI and Local Chapter visited.

English Development

Internal Events and English Competitions Preparation
External Events

ALSA Summer School is an annual event held by English Development division of ALSA LC UI which invites the kids from local orphanage to spend a day together with the local board and help them to enhance their English skills through fun activities. This program is held to implement the “socially responsible” trait.

Legal Research and Development

Legal Competitions
Legal Events

ALSA Guest Lectures is a yearly program with the intention of improving legal knowledge of the members of ALSA LC UI by collaborating with the International Undergraduate Program of Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. This event is held in the form of a lectures delivered by legal experts who are foreign nationals.

ALSA Legal Discussion is a program held by Legal Research and Development division with the intention of providing a medium for the members of ALSA LC UI to develop the legal skill to discuss with a good legal basis and training on how to write a legal review.

ALSA Legal Visit is one of the programs of the Legal Research and Development division of ALSA LC UI which acts as a medium for the members of ALSA LC UI to visit a certain state institution, government agency, or other institutions that provide contributions in the fields of law in Indonesia. In this event, the members of ALSA LC UI are expected to understand and gain insights regarding the functions and goals of various agencies, especially in the fields of law.

Legal Writings

Organization and People Development

Organization Development

ALSA Bonding is an event held by the Organization and People Development division to give the new board of ALSA LC UI a chance to meet and know each other as well as to build a long lasting bond and great teamwork in the new board of ALSA LC UI.

Workshop and Training

Internal Public Relations

ALSA Olympic is a sports event held by Internal Public Relations division of ALSA LC UI, inviting all the autonomous bodies in Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (FH UI) to compete in various sports games. ALSA Olympic aims to establish intimacy and cohesiveness among the members of ALSA LC UI with all members of other autonomous bodies. ALSA Olympic also strives in creating an event that improves fitness, cooperation, and sportsmanship of all participants.

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