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ALSA National Chapter Indonesia's Events

Seminar & Musyawarah Nasional

Seminar & Musyawarah Nasional (SEMUNAS) is an annual forum meeting organized by ALSA Indonesia. SEMUNAS holds the supreme power within Indonesia National Chapter as the main topic is to discuss ALSA Indonesia’s agenda in the upcoming period. These agendas include discussions of Indonesian ALSA regulations, presentation of accountability reports from National Board, the election of President of ALSA Indonesia for the next period, National Events Bidding, and discussion of Supreme Court Cups. SEMUNAS XXX was hosted by Universitas Indonesia, was held on March 9-12, 2023, in Jakarta.

Seminar & Workshop Nasional

Seminar & Workshop Nasional (SEMWORKNAS) is a seminar and annual workshop to discuss legal issues. SEMWORKNAS discusses the important legal issues as its fruitful topic. This seminar aims to provide knowledge to ALSA Indonesia members as a resource to play an active role and compete with the world community. The workshop becomes a session where participants will actively discuss and simulate the application of legal studies of the themes addressed in the seminar. The session will continue with the presentation of each group’s discussion results.

Pra-Musyawarah Nasional & ALSA Leadership Training

Pra-Musyawarah Nasional & ALSA Leadership Training (PALT) is an annual deliberation forum where the discussed topic results will be addressed in the upcoming Musyawarah Nasional. PALT has several agendas activities, namely, Musyawarah Nasional, Leadership Training, and Forum Pra-Musyawarah Nasional. In addition, the National Board will present the Half Year Accountability report. ALSA Leadership Training aims to develop leadership in ALSA Indonesia members and understand the importance of good leadership.

Rapat Pimpinan Nasional

Rapat Pimpinan Nasional (RAPIMNAS) is the first deliberation forum to be held annually in the first half of the National Board period. RAPIMNAS 2023 was held on May 19-20, 2023, in Padang with Universitas Andalas as the Local Chapter origin of the President of ALSA Indonesia 2023 – 2024. RAPIMNAS becomes a forum for the National Board to meet the delegation of each Local Chapter. RAPIMNAS is mandatory for each director from all Local Chapters to attend. The agendas discussed in this forum are work programs of the National Board, the International Board candidates, and National Board’s progress report. This event then proceeds with the progress report presentation from the representatives of each Local Chapter. There’s also the newly elected National Board oath-taking ceremony. 

National Moot Court Competition

ALSA Indonesia National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) is a moot court competition event held every year. This moot is the oldest moot court competition in Indonesia. Members of each Local Chapter can participate in this competition to pursue the prestigious Supreme Court trophies. This competition is intended as a means of learning for students to increase knowledge in the field of criminal law and understand the process and mechanism of courts proceeding to develop a legal practitioner with professionalism and integrity.