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Organization, Leadership, and Management of ALSA

Organization, Leadership, and Management of ALSA (OLMA) is the main and only gate to enter ALSA. As a gate, OLMA does not only teach us what ALSA is, but also encourages us to develop soft skills, which will be needed in our daily lives. As a law student, OLMA will gear us up to be ideal leaders that are able to organize, manage, and of course lead.

This year, OLMA will be held with the theme, “Set The Strategy, Pave The Way for The Journey ” and will become the first OLMA that be held back offline after the pandemic.

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic or known as ALSA CLCC is ALSA National Chapter Indonesia’s annual program which aims to implement the “socially responsible” and “legally skilled” trait. Every year, the National Board of ALSA National Chapter Indonesia brings one specific topic to be the theme of ALSA CLCC and every Local Chapter has to develop the theme with their creativity.

Last year, we brought “Eradicate Stunting, Start a Healthy Lifestyle!” as the theme of ALSA CLCC 2022. ALSA CLCC 2022 marks the first offline event of ALSA LC UI that was held after the pandemic.

ALSA National English Competition

ALSA National English Competition or known as ALSA E-Comp is one of the biggest English competition in Indonesia since the year 1995, held by ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia. ALSA E-Comp has eight branches of competition, which are Debate, E-Model United Nations, Battle of Brains, Newscasting, Paper Presentation, Speech, Spelling Bee, and Storytelling.

This year, we proudly presented the 27th ALSA National English Competition with the theme of “Preserve Intergrity, Strive for Harmony”. This year’s ALSA E-Comp marks the first competition of ALSA LC UI to be held offline after the pandemic.