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Welcome to the first Lex Anthologia. As a law student organization, ALSA LC UI focuses on enhancing the legal skills of its members. Therefore, we also strive to increase the awareness and knowledge of society regarding current legal issues. This journal intends to achieve those goals.

Globalization is a phenomenon that is undeniably changing how people live in today’s world. It makes the borders between countries seem to disappear. However, each country has its own legal system, and because of that, the importance of private international law that governs the law between parties from different countries has increased rapidly. In this volume of Lex Anthologia, we raised the theme of “Private International Law” with the hope that it can better enhance your knowledge regarding the topic.

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Lex Anthologia

Article 1 by Aprillita Putri, Gavriel Faliera Lase, and Nugra Okto

Urgency of the International Private Law Bill for Legal Certainty of Foreign Investors in Indonesia

Article 2 by Divka Talulla

Unraveling the Mechanism of Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards in Indonesia: A Case Study of Decision Number 101 PK/Pdt.Arbt/2017

Article 3 by Ibrahim Siregar and Yoris Pangestu

Dispute Settlement Related to Default in Cross-Border Electronic Transactions in the Perspective of International Law

Article 4 by Nailah Shafa Kamilah

Intercountry Adoption in Indonesia and Its Legal Consequences

Article 5 by Yohannes Maria Vianney Widoputranto

Foreign Investment and Arbitration from the Perspective of International Business Transactions

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Private International Law

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